Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My new novel - "The Roman Slave" - to be released next month!

A rousing tale filled with passion, sexual excitement and forbidden pleasures, this describes a Rome that has rarely been covered in print or in film. The excesses in that city, from lavish feasts to indescribable orgies are covered in a no holds barred fashion, with a blistering pace that rarely lets up. The tribune Messalla is sent to a remote part of ancient Macedonia as a punishment for rude behavior. Eager to redeem his former privileges, he enslaves Leonidas and his people after a daring mountain raid. In Rome, the beautiful Lavinia, his granddaughter, now a mere slave, proves more than a match for Messalla’s rapacious nature. A born gladiatrix, she not only tames the men with her physical prowess but also her sexual charms, as she has been trained in Mithir, the secret kingdom of pleasure that yields its secrets only to the fortunate few who have lived there.

The story is action packed and starts rolling from the first scene, where Procinus, a centurion who works for the tribune Messalla, plans out a raid to be carried out on the protected hidden village in the mountains, where Leonidas and his family have lived for generations. Lavinia, the granddaughter of Leonidas and Zarira, is visiting the village from the kingdom of Mithir and is celebrating her marriage when the Romans attack suddenly. Taken by surprise, Leonidas cannot fight back and is enslaved by the Romans, along with Lavinia, who is mistaken for a young boy, as she has still not developed fully as a woman at the time. In Rome, Lavinia and Leonidas manage to escape a more vicious fate and find themselves in the custody of Valinus, a relatively kind master. They are still slaves but they have a degree of freedom that is a lot more than what they expected. However, Messalla comes to Rome, to redeem his name and boast about his exploits. Rejected by the senate, who consider his achievements to be insignificant, he is bitter and angry. Lavinia’s mother and brother, a mere boy, are held prisoner by Messalla, who has plans to auction the boy to the highest bidder. Will Leonidas and Lavinia find enough resources to combat Messalla’s goons and stop the auction in time? Will Leonidas ever see his village again? How can he ever become free again? These are questions that can only be answered by reading the novel.