Friday, December 08, 2006

Synopsis of "The Spartan Slave"

"The Spartan Slave" is about the adventures of Leonidas, a young Spartan warrior who is descended directly from the line of King Leonidas of Sparta, the one who is famous in the history books for his fight or rather, last stand against the invading hordes of the Persian King Xerxes, in 480 BC. This is the battle of Thermopylae and our story takes place a few centuries later, around 199 BC in the mountains of Macedonia.

Although this is what Leonidas believes to be his heritage, as he is destined to become the next chief of the council in the small colony of Spartans that has been established in this mountainous region, all is not what it seems. There is the sensuous, mysterious and secretive kingdom of Mithir, which is hidden in the remote mountains of Phrygia, where Leonidas will have to make a long journey, if he is to find out his true origins.

Unable to get straight answers from either of his parents, Leonidas is sent by his father, Lysander, to the kingdom of Mithir, accompanied by two of its ambassadors, who have been sent by the Queen Mother, who rules with absolute power in that territory. Ostensibly, his role is to fetch gold and warriors back to his home village in Macedonia, to aid their fight against the invading Roman army, which has already established posts in the coastal regions of Macedonia.

However, in Mithir, Leonidas is literally swept into a sensual world of pleasure, as the kingdom is the most erotic place on Earth. There, he succumbs to the irresistible force of love, as he falls head over heels in love with the Queen Mother's daughter, the lovely Zarira. He voluntarily decides to become her slave, a decision that he makes after much deliberation, as he cannot marry her. He is, after all, an outsider, and she is a princess, already promised to the heir of a rival kingdom in marriage. The only way he can be close to her is to become a lowly body slave.

It is a hard road for Leonidas, as he will not only be abandoning his own heritage but would also break the promise he made to his father. For a Spartan, there is nothing worse than not keeping your word, especially where an honorable promise is concerned, involving your own family. In a way, he will have to make a shameful decision, one that will haunt him for the rest of his life. How will he extricate himself from his current position as a lowly slave? Will he never see his homeland again? Will he ever be able to redeem himself in the eyes of his father and will he ever regain his honor, by keeping the promises he made?

There are a number of questions here and the only way you can find out what happens is by reading "The Spartan Slave", a tale of adventure, action, excitement, eroticism and above all - true love.


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