Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Spartan Slave - new work (full length novel)

My new novel, "The Spartan Slave" has just been accepted for publication by Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid). This is a full length historical work of fiction with strong erotic elements.

The novel is set in ancient Phrygia and in the mountains of Macedonia, where a remote settlement of five villages seeks to emulate the Spartan traditions set forth by Lycurgus, as the founder is directly descended from the great king Leonidas of Sparta. It was he that fought the crucial battle at Thermopylae in 480 BC, where they sacrificed their lives to delay the advance of the Persians under Xerxes.

The events in this novel take place a couple of centuries later, in 200 BC and center around a mysterious cult in the secret kingdom in Phrygia that has formed an alliance with the settlement in Macedonia, where our Spartan hero is from. Things are set in motion quickly from the very start, as ambassadors from the kingdom arrive in Macedonia, ostensibly to help the settlement but with a secret and hidden agenda of their own.

The book is primarily a strong and powerful love story and the theme is that whatever be the circumstances you find yourself in, you just can't ignore the force and the power of love, for which you'll be willing to sacrifice everything - your name, your power, your status and even your life as you know it.

The main story focuses on a young Spartan warrior who is destined to go places. It is his birthright to become the chief of the council and to lead his people to defend themselves against the rapacious Romans, who are seeking to conquer Greece and Macedonia, as they expand their empire.

However, the best plans are derailed quickly when the Spartan prince is in the process of fulfilling a diplomatic mission to the mysterious kingdom in Phrygia, where he makes a fatal mistake.

He falls in love.

Within a short few weeks, of his own volition, with no one forcing him, he becomes a slave in the palace, with no possessions, no status and nothing to call his own. However, he is close to his beloved, his one true object at the time. For her, he has sacrificed everything.

At the start of the book, this is the situation our hero finds himself in as he ponders his fate.

Will love be enough to sustain him for the rest of his life? What about his people? His promises to his father, who is depending on him? What kind of a life will he have? Will he break his word, a sacred promise he made to his father that he would return back to his home with the things necessary to ensure their survival against the Romans - like gold, weapons and even soldiers?

Find out by reading the book when it becomes available at the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid site, which you may access at :

The novel does not have a release date and I will post details here as it becomes available.


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